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About Us

…Ankh is a project management company that has highly qualified and professional human cadres so that it can resources of all kinds and utilize them optimally in order to achieve the agreed goals through planning, implementation and follow-up of all assigned projects.
Technical and financial capabilities of Ankh Project Management Company
  • Ankh Company, in cooperation with its subsidiaries, has a huge organizational structure with high professionalism in all sectors
  • A large number of equipment and machines used in contracting works in all its forms
  • Experience for more than ten years, during which major projects were assigned from various authorities in the country, whether in the public sector or the private sector, and all of them were implemented in an optimal manner

Ankh Projects Management Company, in cooperation with its subsidiaries, has the financial capacity, which allows it to carry out work with high value budgets and not stop, as the working capital turnover during the last three years has reached nearly one billion pounds


Ankh’s mission is to satisfy customers and implement projects with the required specifications that reflect the application of modern management systems


The company’s vision has been determined that Ankh Project Management Company becomes one of the leading companies in the field of management and implementation by using the best methods and modern and integrated systems for management and follow-up


The goals of the company were determined, and then the mechanisms, policies, and programs that achieve your goals were determined, and they are as follows:-

  • optimization Through the use of money, human resources, energy, raw materials, and communications in order to achieve the project objectives
  • Meet all customers’ aspirations and raise the level of implementation professionally
  • Proper planning of all projects and their implementation is properly planned
  • Performance verification
  • Balance time and cost
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